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    10 living habits that can endanger your life

    2020-September-2       Source: Newsgd.com

    When walking on the street, you may find some motorcycles or e-bikes are installed with special long umbrellas to keep out the blazing sunshine and rain in summer……

    1. Don't put carbonated beverages in a freezer

    When freezing or heating a carbonated beverage, such as beer or cola, the gas inside the bottle or can will expand and probably explode at the moment of opening. So please store carbonated drinks in refrigerators or shady places.

    A man's left thumb was wounded by an exploded ice cola just taken out of the freezer. [Photo/Xiaoxiang Morning Post]

    2. Don't use an electric mosquito swatter and mosquito repellent spray together

    The solvent and propellant gases in a mosquito repellent spray, or pesticide, are flammable. When the solvent meets the swatter's electric sparks in the air, as long as the concentration of the solvent is high enough, it will burn rapidly and potentially cause a fire disaster.

    [Photo/Shanghai Fire Control]

    3. Don't squat on the public toilet seats

    Many people think that the seat of public sitting toilets are dirty and choose to squat on them directly. However, the weight capacity of a seat is not as good as we think. If you are overweight, the plastic or ceramic can be easily broken into sharp fragments and cause life threatening injuries by cutting the veins in your thigh.

    The wrong and right postures when using a public toilet seat. [Photo/Yangtse Evening Post]

    4. Don't throw a working hair dryer on your bed or sofa

    It is easy to block the air-inlet behind a hair dryer by doing so. The working hair dryer will start to smoke after 20 seconds of blocking and then ignite spontaneously.

    The hair dryer is smoking and gradually starts to self-ignite. [Photo/Zhejiang Fire Department]

    5. Don't use your mobile phone while it's charging

    Although many people have been doing this for more than 20 years without accident. But if the phone explodes while charging, it will cause devastating damage to your fingers, face and ears.

    A man's face and fingers were wounded by a suddenly exploded phone. He said he was charging while answering the phone. [Photo/Sanxia Business Daily]

    Additionally, the internal metal wires of a charger will begin to wear when the charger has been used for about two years. It is easy to get an electric shock when charging up a phone.

    6. Be sure to wear a seat belt while sitting in the back of a car

    Many passengers often forget to wear a seat belt when sitting in the back of a car. But when a collision occurs, rear passengers who are not secured by belts will directly hurtle into the front seat, or even hit the front windscreen and can be thrown through the window. This violent impact can also hurt the front passengers.

    [Photo/Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]

    7. Try to avoid motorcycles with umbrellas when walking

    When walking on the street, you may find some motorcycles or e-bikes are installed with special long umbrellas to keep out the blazing sunshine and rain in summer. But the frames of these special umbrellas, which are usually made of sharp and hard hollow steel pipes, are easy to cut the face, neck or eyes of passers-by, especially when the motorcycle is driving at high speed. So, when you are waiting for traffic lights on the sidewalk or walking on the road, please try to keep a safe distance from motorcycles with umbrellas.

    A motorcycle with the special long umbrella. [Photo/Maoming.net]

    8. Don't plug the electronic mosquito-repellent liquid upside down

    When using an electric mosquito-repellent liquid, please put the liquid box under the plug vertically. Otherwise the liquid will flow back into the socket and cause a short circuit, even an explosion.

    The electronic mosquito-repellent liquid is smoking after several hours of putting the liquid box horizontally. [Photo/Henan TV]

    9. Don't wear headphones when riding a bicycle

    The metal wires in an earphone can withstand a pulling force of at least 16 kilograms, which can easily break four bamboo chopsticks. If you accidentally fall over while riding, the earphone cable is liable to entangle around your throat tightly so that you cannot breathe.

    10. Reduce the time of wearing contact lenses in hot summer

    Wearing contact lenses for a long time in hot weather can easily make the lenses stick to our cornea, a transparent skin covering the outside of our eyes. If we remove the lenses forcibly, this reckless behaviour will hurt the cornea and can cause corneal ulcers or corneal perforation.


    Author| Ariel

    Editor| Monica, Jerry

    Editor: Ariel

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